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Travelling to and from Melbourne airport (or Tullamarine Airport for the locals), is often the most stressful part of your journey. The last thing you need is fighting for a seat on the bus and being late for your flight.

This is where Melbourne Airport Transfers comes to the rescue. We provide a hassle-free service to get you to the airport (or to your hotel) with plenty of time to spare. Offering a wide range of transfer and transport options all around Melbourne, give us a call next time you need an airport transfer in Melbourne.

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Melbourne Airport? We can pick-up/drop-off at Melbourne's Airport, at a much lower cost when compared to Taxi's or Rideshare.

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Door to Door Service - We pick you up from your location get you to or from the airport everyday between 5am - 10pm.

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Travelling with children? Infants travel free and children between the ages of 4-14 travel cheaper.

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Door to Door Service - We'll pick you up from your home, hotel or airport and get you where you need to go in Air Conditioned comfort.

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"WOW! Great service. Can't believe the value for money. Don't think they will be able to keep their prices this low for long!"
Paul Jamieson

Airport Transfers FAQs

What is an airport transfer service?

Melbourne Airport Transfers provides an airport transfer service designed to help get you to and from the airport. We can pick you up from your home, hotel or airport and get you to where you need to go.

Are airport transfers worth it?

Travelling can already be a bit hectic. Luggage, check-in and wrangling the kids can already be a lot, so why don’t you take some stress out of travelling and hire an airport transfer.

How to book an airport transfer for Melbourne?

We can be contacted to make a booking. Either fill in one of the contact forms on the website or give us a call on (03) 8842 2666 and we’ll help you out.

Which Melbourne airports do you provide transfers to?

Melbourne Airport Transfers is available for pick up and drop off for the entire Melbourne area including Melbourne Airport (MEL) and Essendon airports.

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What are the benefits of using a Private Airport Transfer Service?

1. Stress Minimisation

One of the major advantages of opting for a shared Melbourne Airport Transfer Service is the reduction of travel anxiety. Driving to and from the airport can be stressful for various reasons, such as using an unfamiliar car or being unfamiliar with your surroundings. By having a driving company transport you between your accommodation and the airport, stress will be eliminated from your trip leaving you to just simply sit back and relax.

2. Avoid getting lost on the way to the airport

A common factor which contributes to stress when travelling is that of unfamiliar surroundings, which can lead to becoming lost. By hiring an Airport Transfer Service, you can be certain that you will not lose your way, as the professional driver is able to navigate the city’s layout with ease, and transport you safely to your destination.

3. Travel in Comfort

Many people experience increased anxiety whilst navigating unfamiliar streets or ‘hailing a cab’ upon arrival. However, by booking a transfer service beforehand, you can be sure that you will receive a professional and courteous travelling experience. Companies offer experienced drivers who are able to build instantaneous positive relationships, thus increasing levels of comfort during your trip. Furthermore, some drivers will point out tourist attractions if you are to pass these features on your route, helping you to become a bit more familiar with the location.

4. Security and reliability

When travelling, there is always the possibility of losing luggage during a flight or when using public transport, an event which can severely hinder your holiday experience. By hiring a Melbourne Airport Transfer Service, it is ensured that your luggage will be kept safe in the chosen vehicle. If you take public transport you will be surrounded by unknown individuals, which may elevate your anxiety levels. A private transfer service keeps your bags safe and allows you peace-of-mind while offering you the choice of a preferred vehicle suited to your travelling needs.

Melbourne Airport Transport Options

Airport Taxi Transfer

OPTION 1 : Book With Melbourne Airport Transfers

What exactly is a Shared Airport Transfer Service?

The Airport Transfer Service is a form of transportation which takes you from the airport to your accommodation, and back again once your trip comes to an end. Using a shared Shuttle service is not only a greener option but it’s also a more economical option too. A trip on one of our buses typically takes up to one hour as we need to make a few stops along the way, with a glass half full attitude it’s a great way to get a free mini tour of the City to see many sights you wouldn’t normally get to see. This transportation service can be booked online to suit individual requirements, such as your budget. There are various reliable companies available for us, however, it is important to research to find the most trustworthy and efficient company. Reading testimonials from previous clients is a good place to start when narrowing down your choice of service. A shared airport transfer service is often the easiest, stress-free and reliable service to get you & your travelling companions to and from the airport. Keep reading to view other transport options, but always keep in mind they will have their drawbacks especially when compared to booking with Melbourne Airport Transfers.

OPTION 2 : Catch A Taxi To Anywhere In The Melbourne Metro Area

Taking a taxi is the most common method of transport which people travelling to Melbourne City or St. Kilda choose after arriving at the Melbourne ( Tullamarine) Airport. It is often the easiest option, however, there can be a considerable wait in the line (in extreme cases, up to 40 minutes) for a taxi service depending on the season.

The taxi fare from Melbourne Airport to the City is around $50 – $80 depending on traffic. A regular taxi seats up to 4 people, although the price is the same regardless of whether or not the taxi is at maximum capacity, even if you’re travelling by yourself.

If you are travelling in a larger group, 8-seater minivan taxis are available for a greater cost, however, such taxis often need to be pre-arranged. If you haven’t booked a larger taxi in advance, there is the possibility to phone for one upon arrival, although you may have to wait for the service, which could end up with you and your travel partners waiting for a long-time and missing out on possible sight-seeing time.

The taxi fare from the Melbourne Airport to St. Kilda is around $65 – $80, however, the cost may rise dramatically if you are stuck in traffic.

Tips when catching a taxi from the Melbourne Airport:

1. Use the bathroom before you head outside to the taxi queue.

2. Get in the taxi queue as soon as possible to shorten the waiting period.

3. Catch the taxi, but remember there are no guarantees regarding the cleanliness of the taxi or the driver’s skills.

OPTION 3 : Catching An Uber, Ola or DiDi To Anywhere In The Melbourne Metro Area

Catching an Rideshare has started to become a more common method of transport for people travelling to and from the airport. It’s easy to order a ride, however, you’ll need to have a Rideshare app already installed on your phone with an account & debit or credit card set up. A Rideshare fare can be cheaper than your standard taxi fare, but you have to be careful if surcharging is in effect. During peak busy periods, Uber, DiDi and Ola fares can sometimes cost passengers up to 4x the normal cost and if one is not careful in checking the cost before ordering, you can be faced with a nasty surpise at the end of your journey.

A regular uber service can only fit up to 4 passengers with the luggage capcity limited depending on the type and size of the car your Uber driver is using. To fit more passengers one may order a Uber XL for groups up to 6, however, if you are travelling with a larger group or large amounts of luggage, you won’t be able to travel in an Uber at all.

If you want to travel in luxury, you are able to order an Uber Black service to ensure a better quality car and driver. However, be prepared to pay a much higher price as well as lacking the ability to choose your ride and driver as the driver picks which fares they wish to take, and not the other way round, so you have to take what you get.

Tips when catching an Uber from the Melbourne Airport:

1. Use the bathroom before you head outside as you can be waiting for an unknown time, especially in peak periods.

2. Order your Uber as soon as possible to avoid longer waiting times and possible increased surcharge.

3. Catch the Uber, but remember there are no guarantees regarding the driver and safety so always be aware.

Final Words On Melbourne Airport Transfer Services

As outlined in the information above, pre-booking a Melbourne Airport Transfer service can be highly beneficial when compared to using public transport or driving yourself. We always recommend using a Melbourne Airport Shuttle service as they tend to be a cheaper and greener option which is better for everyone. 

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